Learning self-discipline and self control is a big part of karate training, not just for children but for improving yourself as an adult. Karate is always potentially dangerous. Fooling around on the dojo floor is not allowed under any circumstances. For student’s protection, discipline is strict.

Health and Hygiene
  In addition to general cleanliness, fingernails and toenails must be kept short and particularly clean. Training suits and feet must also be kept fresh and clean. Any illnesses or disabilities must be made known to the instructor, for the safety of the student. Students should drink water before class, although there may be opportunity to rehydrate during class.

  When one enters the ranks of Karate-ka, one automatically accepts a tradition passed down from Samurai days. Respect is shown to instructors, fellow students as well as the training area. A karate-ka must endevour to uphold the moral teachings of karatedo, as well as perform well in the physical aspect of the art. Karate is a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, so it is essential that one learns to control the fighting skills one has learned, with patience and humility. Hence the saying: "An untempered sword will easily break".

  It has been thought in western countries that gaining the black belt is the end of the journey as far as training goes and one may now be considered an expert in Karate-do. In reality, gaining a black belt is just the beginning of the journey. It means that one has become proficient in the basics of karate, but now one has a lifetime of training and study of the advanced techniques and kata. It takes five or more years to gain a black belt 1st Dan, but remember, there are 10 Dan in the average karate system. The first five are skill levels you are promoted to by an instructor at least three levels above you. The next three dans (6th thru 8th degree) are for seniority and are awarded approximately each decade of continued practice of the art. The last two dans (9th and 10th degree) are honorary degrees awarded for actually contributing to the development of the art. That adds up to a great many years of learning before one may be considered an expert.

Consistent Training
  Consistent Training over a period of time will give you the results you desire. Look ahead, set yourself a goal and start working towards that point right now. Remember, self discipline is setting a goal and continuously working until it is realized. It is a fact that natural talent will take you quickly up to a certain point, but only self-discipline and perseverance will take you beyond that point. This does not mean that you must drive yourself into the ground, or train to the exclusion of everything else, because overtraining can also slow your progress. All one needs is the ability to concentrate fully on what is being taught when it is being taught and to practice a little everyday for maximum results. Practicing for 15 minutes everyday is more beneficial than training for 3 hours once a week.

  The Japanese believe that your training doesn't truly begin until you have a Dogi (uniform), then you mentally commit yourself to becoming a Karate-ka. Female students should wear a white t-shirt under their Dogi. Male students do not wear a t-shirt under their uniform.

Advantages of Karate training
  Your participation in our Karate classes will develop gracefulness, strength, endurance and flexibility. Studying karate will help you develop self control and self discipline. Learning self defense moves will give you confidence and the ability to defend yourself and others. Correct training along with correct eating habits will help you to build a martial arts physique.

Dedication, commitment and your Black Belt
  Our Martial Arts training is not an "instant solution" to your needs. Developing Nintai, or "patience", is one of our reasons for Karate training. This is important. Realizing the life long benefits of our karate training takes long term dedication and commitment. Earning your Black Belt does not require any special innate abilities. The requirements for promotion are things you develop, not things you are born with. The only way that you will not earn your Black Belt is if you quit. Now we all have ups and downs. There are days we can't wait to get to class and days we would rather stay home and relax. To be successful we must learn to push ourselves through the down times. Parents may have to help children develop this skill. Remember, every Black Belt is just a white belt who never gave up!

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